Not Using WordPress? That's a Mistake!

First, let's be clear.  WordPress is simply a tool that your website can be built upon to create a fantastic business presence that speaks to your customers.  There are many, many "tools" available to create a website.  None of those tools are the basis for the over 60% of all websites currently on the internet that WordPress has.  It has become the leading website application because WordPress has the power of thousands of skilled developers and relative ease of access to build the presence your business needs.  In addition, it puts the power of managing the content of your site in your hands once it has been launched.

Why are we talking about WordPress?

If you're reading this page, then you've likely already heard about WordPress or it has caught your eye as potentially useful for your business.  If you're looking to rebuild your web presence or create a new one, why are we even talking about WordPress?  Well, we shouldn't have to, necessarily.  That is if you were working with a developer that is using the modern, flexible tools.  Well, it's a little like buying a car or truck.  You'd like to know that what's under the hood is going to do the job for you.  Is it going to take you where you want to go? and will it last long enough to get you there?

WordPress will take you where you want to go and it will be around a long, long while.

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