Grais Web Marketing works with entrepreneurs, assisting them in their marketing and automation to build their online business. We work hand in hand with the entrepreneur to build their online marketing with Infusionsoft, application integration for business automation, and WordPress consulting for their site presence and functionality. Creating and building a business takes expertise and extraordinary effort in your specialty. Where most entrepreneurs fail is with the systems that drive their business. Marketing, processing systems, and site presence aren't your specialty, but they are Grais Web Marketing's specialty.

Experience with small businesses

Shawn Blair, owner of Grais Web Marketing, has over 20 years of implementing systems for small to medium sized businesses. Serving as that bridge of knowledge and skill in technology and business systems allows us to provide confidence for our clients in their systems. You don't need technical expertise, marketing experience, or automation skills to create the systems that underlie the growth of your business.

Get started with building your Keap system, automate back end processes, and ensure your site is working for you. Schedule a session to begin building your plan.